Load Management Division

Load Management:
This division was established in March 1987.  The purpose of the Load Management Program is to lower wholesale demand cost and thereby hold down future electric rates.  We are responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of load management switches, electric meter maintenance, SCADA System, substation maintenance, Commercial Large User Technical Assistance Program and Rider/ITOU Rate Customers.
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Residential Energy Audits:
The energy audit's purpose is to evaluate each home and identify the energy efficiency methods that are most appropriate and cost effective for the home, making it warm in the winter, cool in the summer and safe all year long.
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The City of Elizabeth City has seventeen (17) generator sites with a total of twenty one (21) generators, which are used to reduce the City's peak demand.  The generators are also used for emergency backup during power outages due to severe storms.  The generators supply emergency power to the City's facilities, such as the Waste Plant, Water Plant, Wellfield Pumps, City Hall, Fire Stations, Garage and the Albemarle Jail.  There are also other generators located throughout the City.