Group Fitness Classes!

In addition to a Fitness Room that houses treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, free weights, NuStep machines, and other weight lifting and cardio options, we offer the following group classes:

Aerobics - This class is designed with older adults in mind. Routines include stretching and warming up and focus on low impact movements, avoiding any that may stress knees, hips, and other joints. All participants are urged to consider any special physical condition they may have and to modify any movement that may cause discomfort. We DO NOT believe in the old saying "No Pain, No Gain."   Fun music is used and often simple dance routines are incorporated as warm up and cool down activities. Hand held weights and resistance tubing with handles may be used at times.

Yoga - This is a "pace yourself class" without competition or need to be a "pretzel." This class uses exercises to improve flexibility and increase strength and balance.

Silver Sneakers - Silver Sneakers is a total body conditioning class designed to increase strength, range of movement, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination. In this class you will have fun and move through a variety of exercises. Hand held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a specially designed Silver Sneakers ball are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated and standing support. To find out more about all the benefits that silver sneakers has to offer click here.
Country Line Dance - A fun, upbeat way to not only work out, but learn new dance steps weekly. This class is easy to follow, even if you have "two left feet."
Dance Fitness - This class moves between high- and low-intensity dance moves designed to get your heart rate up and boost cardio endurance.
Modern Line Dance - Learn new dance steps to modern music and get your heart rate up at the same time.  This class is a great, fun way to get moving.
Circuit Training -Circuit training consists of a consecutive series of timed exercises performed one after the other with varying amounts of rest between each exercise.