Golden LEAF Foundation Press Release

Elizabeth City residents: In case you haven't heard the news, please check out this press release.
Thanks to the support of the Golden LEAF Foundation and the State of North Carolina, the City of Elizabeth City was awarded more than $1.5 million to fix the drainage infrastructure around Park, Dawson, and Hunter Streets near our southern waterfront. This funding will provide vital improvements and repairs to the drainage canal there, as well as allow for dredging and the installation of sheet piles to combat property erosion and constant flooding. The project must still go through detailed design and bidding, so we are probably many months away from work starting. Still, today, we can say proudly announce that help is coming for this community!
Golden LEAF President, Chief Executive Officer Scott T. Hamilton said the following about the project:
“The Golden LEAF Foundation was entrusted by the N.C. General Assembly to implement a program for local governments seeking to mitigate flooding in their community. We are pleased to support the City of Elizabeth City with engineering and construction to restore a drainage canal including improvements to reduce erosion, to upsize existing culverts, and for other improvements to restore flow of stormwater in the affected area.”