Unified Development Ordinance

The purpose of the City of Elizabeth City's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the City of Elizabeth City through the regulation of zoning, subdivisions and land use.  It was first adopted by the City Council on September 13, 1999.  The UDO was also adopted by reference in the 2016 Edition of the City of Elizabeth City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 159, Section 159.01.

From time to time, amendments to the UDO are adopted by the City Council.  Every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information regarding the UDO on this website; however, the Department of Planning and Community Development may be contacted regarding specific permit requirements and procedures. 

The UDO is provided in sections by the following links to the Table of Contents, Index, Articles, Appendices and various procedural flow charts. 
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.
Please refer to the index of the UDO to locate specific information. 
Appendix 1 Application Requirements
Appendix 2 Certificates
Appendix 3 Zoning, Sign, Special Use and Conditional Use Permit Requirements
Appendix 4 List of Procedural Flow Charts
Appendix Image 4-3.1 Major Subdivision Sketch Plan Flow Chart
Appendix Image 4-3.2 Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat Flow Chart
Appendix Image 4-3.3 Major Subdivision Final Plat Flow Chart
Appendix Image 4-4 Minor Subdivision Flow Chart
Appendix Image 4-5 Rezoning & Text Amendment Flow Chart
Appendix Image 4-6 Conditional Use Permit Flow Chart
Appendix Image 4-7 Watershed District Overlay Variance Flow Chart
Appendix Image 4-8 Zoning, Sign & Home Occupation Permit Flow Chart
Appendix 5 Land Uses Permitted within Airport Environs Impact Areas
Appendix 6 Stormwater Management Ordinance