Annexation Information


North Carolina annexation law allows that “the governing board of any municipality may annex (an area) upon presentation to the governing board of a petition signed by the owners of all real property located within such an area. State law is very specific with regard to the process that must be followed.  See NCGS § 160A-31 for more information on the law as it relates to contiguous property annexation and NCGS § 160A-58.1 for the law regarding non-contiguous annexation.

Property may be eligible for annexation into the City of Elizabeth City if it is located within the City’s “extraterritorial jurisdiction.”  This is an area within Pasquotank County that is immediately outside of the City’s current corporate limits.

A pre-application conference is strongly encouraged for anyone contemplating submitting a voluntary annexation petition. This can be scheduled by contacting the City Clerk’s office by phone (252-337-6955) or by email: (City Clerk). The conference is intended to allow City staff to review the annexation proposal and advise the petitioner as to information required and the potential petition’s applicability to various policies related to annexation.

A flowchart of the voluntary annexation process for contiguous properties is provided below.  Petition applications are also available by clicking the links provided.  For more information, contact the City Clerk's office.