Frequently Asked Questions

How does a vendor get added to the City's bidders list?

To become an active vendor with the City, a Vendor Tax Identification Number Verification Form and a W-9 Tax Form must be filed.  These forms can be found at the bottom of this page and require Adobe Acrobat to download.  You may also contact us at (252) 337-6780 to request these forms be mailed to you.  Catalogs and additional information regarding your company are welcomed.  Businesses operating within the city limits must obtain a Privilege License from the Customer Service Division.

How do I find out if my invoice has been paid?

The City's Accounting Division pays invoices with a standard payment of 30 days.

Does the City pay sales tax?

Yes, the City is required to pay North Carolina state and local sales tax. The City is exempt from federal excise tax and will provide a federal exemption number when applicable.

Does the City participate in state contracts?

Yes, the State of North Carolina allows all local governments to participate in any of their contracts for the purchase of supplies and equipment. See the North Carolina Division of Purchase and Contracts for information regarding these contracts. Governments that wish to participate must sign a contract with the State of North Carolina.