January 14, 2019 Regular Session

Regular Session Agenda
City of Elizabeth City Council
Monday, January 14, 2019 ~ 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers – 306 E. Colonial Avenue

1. Call Meeting to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Agenda Adjustments and Approval

5. Statement of Disclosure (To be read by City Clerk)

6. Presentation – Proclamation for Green Saves Green

7. Comments from the Public;

8. Public Hearings:

     a. Consideration – Hold a Public Hearing – Recycling Fee Increase;

9. Approval of Minutes:

      a. December 10, 2018 – Regular Session;

10. Consent Agenda: (Items “a” through “d” recommended by the Finance Committee during their January 10, 2019 meeting)

      a. Consideration – Call for a Public Hearing – Septage Fee Increase;

      b. Consideration – Call for a Public Hearing – Grant Submission for Chesapeake Regional Hospital Building Reuse Grant;

      c. Consideration – Authorize Grant Submission to Governor’s Highway Program;

      d. Consideration – Accept FY 2018-2019 Governor’s Crime Commission Law Enforcement Grant for Cameras;

11. Regular Agenda:

     a. (Any Item Removed From the Consent Agenda);

     b. Consideration – Call for a Public Hearing – Changes to City Code Regarding Poultry Sanitation;

     c. Update – Oxford Heights Bridge;

      d. Update – Utility Billing Conversion;

      e. Update – Midterm Retreat

      f. Discussion – Fair Housing

12. Comments and Inquiries on Non-Agenda Items;

13. Adjournment.