Heat Pump Rebate Program

The City of Elizabeth City’s goal is to promote energy efficiency to our utility customers by promoting the Whole House Energy Assessment Program and the Energy Efficient Heat Pump Rebate Program. This program enables the City to spread fixed costs over more kilowatt-hours sold, reducing the future cost of electricity for the customer as well as the City. The City will use a fixed $400 rebate to accomplish this goal where the heat pump is installed on the City’s electric system according to the following standards:
    1. A free Energy Assessment must first be performed to completely assess the overall thermal integrity of an existing residential structure. If an assessment cannot be performed prior to the installation of the heat pump, the rebate will be held in abeyance until an energy assessment can be performed. However, the assessment must be completed within six (6) months of the installation of the heat pump.
    2. The heat pump shall have at least a 15.00 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. There is no limit to the maximum SEER rating. The heat pump must be for residential use (five tons and under, no minimum size) and installed on residential property only.
    3. Each heat pump installed must have an attached load management switch on the air conditioning side to be eligible for the rebate. All rules applying to the operation of the switch shall apply. 
    4. The customer will choose a NC Licensed HVAC contractor of his/her choice to install the new heat pump. The customer should expect to pay the contractor the fair market price for installation costs. The HVAC contractor is responsible for securing the mechanical permit for the heat pump from the Inspections Department prior to starting work.
    5. The customer or builder/developer will use a paid receipt to apply for the rebate on an existing dwelling or newly constructed residential property. The City’s Heat Pump Rebate Application must be completed and submitted with the request.
    6. Once a final inspection has been performed and signed off on by the Inspections Department, the City’s Load Management Division will install the load management switch. The Load Management Department shall forward the rebate paperwork to the Finance Department for processing.
    7. Since the heat pump remains the customer’s property, all future services are at the customer’s expense. The City makes no guarantee, express or implied, about the quality of the heat pump or its installation.
    8. The heat pump rebate will be $400 per unit installed, with no maximum number of units to a customer/builder/developer.
    9. No dual fuel heat pumps will be eligible for the rebate.
Policy adopted by the City Council on July 23, 2012 to be effective as of July 1, 2012; and amended on January 27, 2014 effective immediately.