Parking Rental

The City of Elizabeth City owns one parking lot that has parking spaces available to rent on a monthly basis. Please refer to the City's Fee Schedule for the rental fee of these parking spaces here. The parking lot is located as follows:
  • Fearing Street Parking Lot – This parking lot is located on the corner of Fearing and South Martin Luther King Drive.  This parking lot contains 112 rental spaces.
Please contact the Customer Service Department if you are interested in renting a parking space. If the parking lot is at full occupancy, a waiting list is maintained for future vacancies.
The customer is required to sign a lease agreement and is required to give a thirty-day (30) advance notice to terminate their rental space. Invoices are mailed on a quarterly basis and are billed on the 10th day of the month.
Parking Lease Agreement Application to lease a parking space from the City.