Persons wishing to engage in door-to-door or on-the-street sales or solicitations shall file a timely application with the city manager or his designee; pay such fee as may be established by the City Council, and pay a bond as may be required; and comply with all rules and regulations of the city.

No peddler, hawker, itinerant merchant, transit vendor or solicitor for the sale of merchandise or periodicals, whether the same be delivered at the time of the soliciting or later delivered by mail or otherwise, shall go in or upon private residences, offices or places of business, not having been requested or invited to do so by the owner, or occupant thereof, for the purpose of soliciting the sale of merchandise or periodicals.

Each day's violation shall constitute a separate offense; providing nothing in this section shall apply to the sale of one's own products as a farmer or a sale by the individual of the products of his own labor.

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