Medical Alert Program

The customer has the responsibility of notifying the City if there is someone in their household who is either:

  • Chronically or seriously ill, or
  • On a life support system (heart/lung, respirator, etc.)

The customer must provide certification from a doctor or hospital advising of the above condition. These letters will be reviewed and brought up-to-date each year. A customer who complies with these notification procedures will have a white seal placed on his/her meter to designate his/her household as containing a chronically ill or life support customer.

The customer has the responsibility to carefully handle his/her account so that service will not be interrupted for failure to pay. With the medical alert designation, the City will make every effort to make personal contact with the customer before service is terminated.

The City will exercise all diligence in keeping the power flowing to a life support patient. However, due to conditions beyond the control of the City and its employees (storm damage, loss of generation, etc.), electric power cannot be guaranteed 100 percent of the time. Each customer listed with the Medical Alert program should have a back-up plan for movement of the life support patient if the City is unable to restore power in a length of time which is acceptable.