Alley Dock with Spotter -- Winner Curtis Holley
Serpentine Winner - Richard Quigley
Alley Dock Winner - Noris Raby
Pre-trip Inspection Winner - Jesse Jackson
Parallel Parking - Rudy Baum

On June 7th, the Safety Committee held its second Annual Safety Rodeo at the Elizabeth City Regional Airport. There were 36 participants for the Rodeo. Everyone who participated did an excellent job with each course.

We had a great turn out and many employees participated and supported their coworkers. The Safety Committee also appreciates the support and assistance from the following departments to organize this event: Public Utilities, Parks and Rec, Electric, and Police. We would also like to thank our volunteers / judges: Randy Ingram, Dillon Chappell, Delores Floriano, Chris Forehand, Tammy Sharp, Aaron Lewellyn, Steven Grant, Robyn Key, Dillon Johnson, Tyrell Ruffin, Wendy Mayer, Michael Lane, Lamond James, and members from the Safety Committee. We could not have done this without your help. Each participant will receive a Gift Card donated by Food Lion and 1st place winners will be issued a trophy. The Sub- Committee presented each 1st place winner with their trophy on Monday, June 18, 2018.

The Safety Committee members include Anna Spence, Chairperson; Brandon Knowles, Co-Chair; Earline Cross, Secretary, Kenny White, Jamie Turner, Andy Pollard, Ernest Ferebee, Chris Carver, and Chief Eddie Buffaloe.

The winners for the 2018 Safety Rodeo are:

 Alley Dock

1st Place: Noris Raby-Parks and Rec
2nd Place: Robert Skinner- Water and Sewer
3rd Place: Tommy Hopson-Electric

 Alley Dock with Spotter

1st Place: Curtis Holley-Electric
2nd Place: Austin Diluzio-Electric
3rd Place: Donnell White- Electric

 Parallel Parking

1st Place: Rudy Baum-Streets
2nd Place: Adam Brothers- Streets
3rd Place: Jaquan Armstrong-WTP


1st Place: Richard Quigley- Customer Service
2nd Place: Cheryl Eggar- Community Development
3rd Place: Paul Perry-Police

 Pre-trip Inspection:

1st Place: Jesse Jackson- Water and Sewer
2nd Place: Glenn Wiggins- WWTP
3rd Place: Donnell White- Electric