Human Resources Department

Welcome to the City of Elizabeth City Human Resources Department's information page! We're glad you're here and hope the following information will guide you through our department.

The City of Elizabeth City strives to provide its citizens and employees a quality environment in a friendly and professional manner by providing services, improving citizen communications, encouraging employee excellence and promoting economic opportunities. Our mission is to provide comprehensive human resource development and risk management services for all facets of City government by assisting departments in meeting the current and anticipated needs of all employees in a professional manner.
Our Departmental purpose is to assist City departments in effective recruitment, selection, retention, development and utilization of all City employees and ensure compliance with applicable State, Federal and City laws, regulations and policies. To strive for continuous improvement in the quality of services delivered to the employees and citizens of Elizabeth City. To assist City departments in the cost-effective management of financial risk. To promote and encourage a safe, healthy, productive and high quality work life for all City employees and for the citizens they serve. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE); all employees are covered by General Statute 95.1-31 of the North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDL). City employees are also protected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards found in General Statutes 1910.1-308 and the contact number for OSHA is 800-321-OSHA (6742).

The Risk Management division is responsible for mitigating and managing the city's exposure to risk. We manage the city's self-insurance program, purchasing insurance to protect its assets, actively managing liability and worker's compensation claims filed against the city, and implementing safety and loss control programs. Regarding Safety, we are responsible for managing the accident and injury prevention program, auditing OSHA compliance, administering the Worker's Compensation program. Worker's Compensation is designed to assist employees when returning to work and ensure proper deliver of worker's compensation benefits that comply with the North Carolina Industrial Commission laws for governing work-related employee injuries and illnesses. We partner with other City departments for training in variety of areas, equipment, vehicle, and facility assessments, accident investigation, and accident history analysis.

We have a Wellness division that provides healthy alternatives and exercise activities for our employees such as the Biggest Loser competitions, Volleyball Team competitions where we compete with other community teams, Zumba classes, Brown Bag lunch sessions where we discuss the prevention of various diseases, Annual Health and Fitness Day where we encourage employees to sign up and participate in various physical activities and they use their lunch period to play basketball, horseshoes, racket-ball, golf, shuffle board, and walking a designated walking trail. Participation in City's Wellness program has enabled our employees to qualify for insurance premium deductions due to weight loss, disease prevention, and living a healthier lifestyle.