Development Services Department

Welcome to the City of Elizabeth City's Development Services Department!
The Development Services Department is comprised of three divisions, the Building Inspections Division, Code Enforcement Division and the Planning Department. Historic Preservation also falls under the Development Services Planning Division. 
The  Planning Division is responsible for a wide range of tasks such as, leading planning studies, leading public workshops and meetings, administering the Unified Development Code,  preparing and presenting changes to the Unified Development Code, reviewing and administering the review by up to 25 other departments and agencies of proposed development plans, meetings with property owners and potential developers,  grant writing and administration, administering zoning permits, business registration, and special projects for City Council and City Administration. Staff also provides support for the Planning Commission, the Board of Adjustment, and the Historic Preservation Commission. This division employs one full-time director, two full-time professional planners, and one full-time administrative assistant. Please visit the planning page for guidance on starting a new business in Elizabeth City, Historic Preservation questions, and other zoning needs. 
The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing the City’s non-criminal and non-traffic codes outside of buildings. These are generally health and safety violations, community appearance, storm water issues, prohibited signs, prohibited parking, businesses operating without a business license, junk vehicles, overgrown grass and weeds, and the littering of property. This division also enforces the Downtown Maintenance Code that encompasses the riverfront, Grice Street and Elizabeth Street. The Division's efforts help encourage a safe, healthy community, which will foster attractive neighborhoods, vibrant businesses, and a peaceful and enjoyable City for all residents. This division employs two full-time code enforcement officers.
Phone: (252) 337-6672. You may file a complaint using our online portal HERE
The Building Inspections Division is responsible for inspecting all residential and commercial and institutional buildings in the City. Inspections are done by appointment. The division documents all the inspections, issues building permits and coordinates many phases of a construction projects with other City departments. This division employs 2 full-time Level 3 certified building inspectors and 1 full-time inspector-in-training. To schedule an inspection please call  (252) 337-6672. You may apply for a building permit and schedule an inspection using our online portal HERE
The final drafts of the Waterfront Master Plan and Charles Creek Flood Mitigation Plan can be viewed online by clicking the links provided below:
If you have any questions or would like more information on the plans, please contact the City of Elizabeth City’s Development Services Department at (252) 337-6672.
Development Services Board Meetings This link showcases the "Filing Deadlines" and "Meeting Dates" for the Following Boards: Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Board of Adjustments, Technical Review Committee. These boards help to ensure that all processes for all residential and commercial cases go through the proper judicial channels.