Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing the City’s non-criminal and non-traffic codes. These are generally health and safety violations, community appearance, storm water issues, prohibited signs, prohibited parking, businesses operating without a business license, junk vehicles, overgrown grass and weeds, and the littering of property.
This division also enforces the Downtown Maintenance Code that encompasses the riverfront, Grice Street and Elizabeth Street. Their efforts help encourage a safe, healthy community, which will foster attractive neighborhoods, vibrant businesses, and a peaceful and enjoyable City for all residents.
Code Enforcement Officers do not enter buildings and do not conduct building or housing inspections. 

The City currently employs two fulltime Zoning Code Enforcement Officers that patrol the areas of the City daily. For more information about Elizabeth City’s Code Enforcement, please view code enforcement topics below or contact one of the City’s zoning code enforcement officers.

To share your concerns about a neighborhood, property or commercial-area nuisances, contact 252-337-6672. (Please have the address of the property available when you make the report.) Concerns/violations, complaints may be filed anonymously and can be kept confidential. 

File a code enforcement complaint using our online portal HERE

Minimum Housing

The State of North Carolina provides laws regarding the contractual relationship between, landlords and tenants in Chapter 42, Article 5, of the State Statutes (Residential Rental Agreements). You may access this statute by clicking HERE

Elizabeth City also provides minimum maintenance and housing standards in Chapter 150 of the code of ordinances.  If your landlord or property owner is not providing the minimum housing standards required by the State or by local ordinance, you may file a complaint with Elizabeth City’s Code Enforcement Division. After your complaint is filed, the Minimum Housing Inspector will inspect your property for violations and seek repair from the landlord and or property owner. The Minimum Housing Standards Code can be accessed by clicking HERE or clicking the link below: 

City of Elizabeth City Minimum Housing Ordinance

To report a Minimum Housing violation, submit a complaint online HERE 


Common Code Enforcement violations include (but are not limited to):

Play equipment in the streets -- No play equipment (such as basketball hoops, swing sets, soccer goals, etc.) are allowed to be temporarily or permanently placed on streets or public right of ways. 

Weeds and grass -- Weeds and grass over 12 inches in height is a violation. Property owners are responsible for keeping their yards mowed, hedges cut, and trees and limbs removed. 

Unclean premises -- Properties should be kept free of unsightly accumulation of litter and garbage,  materials, and equipment. 

Trees and shrubs -- It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain trees, shrubs, etc. to not block sidewalks and streets, posing a safety hazard to pedestrians or vehicle visibility. 

Junk and nuisance vehicles -- Any vehicle that has flat tires, is in a state of dismantle, is junked and/or does not have current license plates is considered a violation and must be removed unless the vehicle is enclosed in a building. 

Dilapidated fences -- Dilapidated fences are those that are in a poor state of repair or not property anchored to a structure or fence post and are in a state of disrepair. 

Refuse and yard waste -- Household refuse containers should be taken off the street after pickup and placed back on owner's property, preferably in the side or rear yard. 

Vacant properties -- Vacant properties should be kept up to current building codes, kept secure and can be boarded from the inside not to exceed a 6-month period of time. 

No "indoor" furniture outdoors -- No indoor furniture should be located outdoors in yards or on porches.