City Charter and Code of Ordinances

The City's Charter is an act of the North Carolina General Assembly establishing the City of Elizabeth City as a municipal corporation. The Charter provides the City its authority to exercise various powers, rights and privileges under the Charter and as authorized by General Law. The City of Elizabeth City's Charter was revised and consolidated on June 19, 2001.  You may access the Charter, as maintained on the North Carolina General Assembly website, by clicking HERE.

Code of Ordinances
North Carolina General Statute 160A-78 requires all cities to maintain an ordinance book in which its ordinances (laws) are placed when adopted by the City Council. In cities with populations over 5,000, there is an additional requirement to codify these ordinances. The codification process places the ordinances by subject into chapters, sections and subsections. 
Amendments and additions to the City's Code of Ordinances are adopted from time to time by the City Council and are indexed and maintained in Ordinance Supplement Books in the office of the City Clerk until codified. For complete and up to date information regarding the City's Code of Ordinances, please contact City Clerk April Onley by calling (252) 337-6955 or by e-mail.  A copy of the City Code Book is available for viewing in the City Clerk's office in the Municipal Administration Building, 306 E. Colonial Avenue.
The City of Elizabeth City Code of Ordinances is also available online. By clicking on the title below you will be redirected to the website of American Legal Publishing Corporation. Note that Ordinances adopted but not included in the Code of Ordinances can be viewed by clicking on "New Legislation."