Wastewater Treatment Facility

Why Do We Treat?
To Protect Our Water Supply
Not that long ago, rivers used to catch fire because industries directly pumped their trash into rivers and streams! The quantity and quality of what comes from humans in cities and towns require a dedicated process engineered for the goal of keeping trash and chemicals out of the waterways.
To Eliminate Garbage
Trash belongs in a dumpster, not in our water system! One component of the waste treatment process is to efficiently remove garbage that goes down your drain. Programs such as the Fats, Oils, and Grease Program ensure trash and grease stay out of our system. Please click on the link below to learn more about our program! 
To Prevent Eutrophication
Can you imagine the Pasquotank littered with islands of green algae? An excess of nutrients and phosphorus cause the growth of algae, which outgrows other aquatic plants and sucks out the oxygen in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Without oxygen, aquatic life such as fish and turtles die. When the algae dies, it releases chemicals that are toxic to humans and animals. This toxin cannot be removed through normal water treatment processes and requires intensive and costly processes to remove them from the water supply.