Street Division

Street Maintenance, Drainage, & Stormwater Management

The Public Utilities Street Division is comprised of three vital areas: Street Maintenance, Drainage, and StormwaterStormwater Management. Listed below is a brief, but not all inclusive, description of these services.



The City of Elizabeth City Street division works diligently to restore or replace street signs throughout the city limits. If you see a sign in need of repair, please call the Public Utilities Department.
Driveway/ Curb Cuts
Citizens may obtain a Driveway Permit Application from the Public Utilities Department.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to hire a contractor to cut and install the new concrete driveway.  A fee of $15.00  is to be paid to the Customer Service Department. The receipt and application must be turned into the Public Utilities Department. The street division will inspect the area to ensure proper regulations. It is the home owner's responsibility to contact the Public Utilities Department, Street Division once driveway is completed for a final inspection.  If you have questions concerning your request, please call the Public Utilities Department, Street Superintendent.
Our citywide sidewalk rehabilitation program is ongoing, chiefly placing emphasis on major trip hazards within the right-of-way of our city sidewalks. If you happen to see a section of sidewalk that could possibly cause harm to a citizen, please report it to the Public Utilities Department.
Asphalt/Pothole Repair
The asphalt truck routinely installs asphalt in potholes and repairs utility cuts throughout the city limits. If you happen to see a forming pothole, please contact the Public Utilities Department.
Alley Maintenance
The City maintains public alleyways by trimming trees and shrubbery to allow for vehicle access. We ask that homeowners keep personal trees and shrubbery trimmed so that the alleyways are not blocked.
Street Sweeper
The city presently owns two street sweepers. One sweeps the north side of the city from Ehringhaus to Fairway Estates, while the second sweeps the south side of the city from Ehringhaus to Winslow Acres. We look forward to sweeping every city street once a month. It is helpful for our citizens to keep clutter out of the city’s gutters and to trim personal trees and shrubbery back from curbs and sidewalks. We ask all citizens to utilize off street parking, if available, and to avoid prolonged on-street parking. This allows the city sweeper to properly sweep along the gutter lines and better maintain our streets.
Adopt-a-Street Program
The Adopt-A-Street Program is organized to help keep our city streets clean and drivable. Each participating group or organization cleans their adopted street four (4) times a year and reports to the Public Utilities Department each time it is cleaned in conjunction with their signed agreement. A sign is installed with the name(s) of the individual or organization participating.  An Adopt-A-Street Application can be picked up at the Public Utilities Department.
Ditch Maintenance
In order to provide good drainage for our citizens, the city utilizes inmates to clean ditches that are in the city’s rights-of-way. When drainage crosses a citizen’s private property, the city will ask for a signed agreement to allow city crews access.
City Owned Grass Lots
The City is responsible for cutting grass lots owned by the City. It is great to have our city beautified and presentable to visitors; however, we each need to do our part. Please consider your property frontage the next time you cut your lawn— whether commercial or residential. We thank you for doing your part in keeping Elizabeth City clean and green.