Purchasing / Warehousing Division

The Purchasing/Warehousing Division is responsible for procuring the best products at competitive pricing to enable all City departments to achieve their mission and effectively deliver services to the residents of the City of Elizabeth City. Further, it is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to ensure that all procurement activity is conducted in compliance with applicable State and Federal laws and regulations, local ordinances and approved policies and procedures.
The division issues approximately 2,000 purchase orders and processes approximately 15 competitive bids and 50 informal bids each year.  Over 3,000 stock requisitions valued at over $800,000 are processed and 130,000 gallons of fuel are provided for the City's use each year.
In September 2004, the City began using GovDeals, an online auction service, for government surplus, confiscated, and abandoned items.  Surplus items will be placed on this internet auction site throughout the year.
Purchasing Procedures
The purchasing process is designed to provide a proper system of internal control over purchasing, to ensure that the proper authorizations are obtained before items are purchased and to ensure that the statutory requirements for purchasing are followed.
Statutory Requirements
Formal Bids - Invitation for formal bids will be used for purchases of $50,000 and greater ($300,000 and greater for construction and repairs).  This will include advertising in the local newspaper and/or other advertising media and receiving sealed bids with bid bonds.  Bid awards require City Council approval.
Informal Bids - All contacts for the purchase of apparatus, supplies, materials or equipment costing from $5,000 to $49,999 or for construction and repair costing from $5,000 to $299,999 shall be made after informal quotes have been secured with or without advertising.
Purchases of less than $5,000 will be made in the open market.
Purchasing Definitions
  • Sealed Bids:  Any purchase that is estimated to cost $50,000 or greater, requires the advertisement for bids in the local newspaper, followed by an official "opening" as set forth by the advertisement at a given time and place. Sealed formal bids require a bid bond.
  • Bid bond:  A guarantee that the bid provided is given in good faith and that the bid, when awarded, will be satisfied by execution of a contract or purchase order.
  • Purchase Order:  A purchase order is a binding contract between the City and a vendor and is not binding until accepted by the vendor.  All purchase orders, to be valid, must be signed by the Director of Finance and the Purchasing Agent.