City Clerk

The City Clerk is the official, legally accountable, clerk to the City Council and must be appointed and duly sworn into office. The City Clerk, under state law, is held responsible for the proper recording and filing of ordinances, resolutions, petitions, and other legal documents. The duties and responsibilities of the City Clerk’s office involve coordination and interaction with the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, City committees, City departments and the public. The City Clerk, who is the custodian of all municipal records and the City Seal, prepares agendas and records proceedings of City Council meetings and attests all documents issued by the City.  The City Clerk is also responsible for the maintenance of the City’s records management program, which is designed to maintain, protect, retain or dispose of City records. These actions are carried out in accordance with governmental regulations, legal requirements and the City's historical and reference needs.  The Clerk is also responsible for a centralized records storage facility.

The City Clerk’s Office provides a variety of services. Some of the key responsibilities and functions of the City Clerk’s office include the following:
  • Attests all bonds, ordinances and resolutions issued by the City;
  • Attests all contracts, agreements, leases or other instruments to which the City is a party and under which the City assumes any liability;
  • Administers oaths required by law or ordinance of the City;
  • Acts as the official custodian of the City's Official Seal and of records and papers of an official character pertaining to the affairs of the City;
  • Prepares and coordinates documentation to support City Council meeting agendas;
  • Prepares for, arranges and attends all meetings of the City Council and keeps minutes of the proceedings;
  • Responds to questions regarding public records documentation requests (such as copies of minutes, ordinances, resolutions,  etc.) from citizens and staff;
  • Prepares necessary appointment correspondence and certificates;
  • Prepares ceremonial items for the Mayor and City Council.
Click the above link for information pertaining to the process of annexation into the City's corporate limits.

Application to Council for Pool and Billiard Parlors

In addition to the City ordinance requirement to obtain a Business Registration for the operation of pool and billiard parlors in the City of Elizabeth City, the City of Elizabeth City Code of Ordinances § 110.38 POOL AND BILLIARD PARLORS requires additional licensure by the City Council. Click the above link for more information.

Registration of Burial

Pursuant to Section 93.02 of the City Code, the City Clerk coordinates the process of burial registration for the eight City-owned cemeteries. Click the link for more information.