Stormwater Division


What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is the water that runs off the land during and after a rainstorm. It can also be called rainwater or surface flow. This water goes through inlets, pipes and channels directly to our local streams. Stormwater does not go to the wastewater treatment plant.

Stormwater Management 

The City of Elizabeth City's Stormwater Management Program works to preserve, protect, and restore the quality of water in the streams and rivers within the City of Elizabeth City. The City's Stormwater Management program was developed in compliance with the Federal Clean Water act and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to ensure that stormwater is effectively controlled in order to reduce pollution generated from stormwater runoff.
The City of Elizabeth City is a federally designated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II community and operates under the authority of the Stormwater Management Program which became effective in June of 2006 after being drafted into the city's Code of Ordinances and operates as a division of the Public Utilities Department. NPDES Phase II is a federal and state mandated program under the Clean Water Act to address non-point source pollution or stormwater runoff. The City's NPDES Permit consists of six management areas that reduce stormwater pollution and assures clean water is maintained in our city's water bodies:
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Construction Site Runoff Control
  • Post-Construction Runoff Control
  • Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping 


Stormwater Utility Interactive Map