Sanitation Division

The City of Elizabeth City Public Works Department provides Sanitation services to all residents and some commercial customers within city limits. To keep our community informed, we would like to share a few facts about our services.
Households within city limits will be required to purchase a 95-gallon trash container for all normal household garbage, small items, and non-recyclables. Each container is assigned to a property address and must not be taken with you if you move. To ensure pickup, all containers must be at curbside by 8:00 am on your scheduled day and removed from the curb on the same day. Items that MUST NOT be placed in the containers include: dirt or sod, rocks or concrete, yard waste, toxic or flammable materials such as oil, gas or paint, hot ashes and debris from construction, remodeling, or demolition. City-issued containers hold the equivalent of three or four normal garbage cans. If you regularly generate more garbage than the container will hold, you can purchase an additional container through the Customer Service Department by calling 252-338-3981. Additional trash containers are $85.00.00 plus tax along with a monthly service fee of $ 5.00. All secondary containers will be charged a monthly service fee of $ 5.00.
Bulk Trash
Bulk trash consists of larger items that do not go into your regular trash can. Bulk trash pick-up is intended for the OCCASIONAL collection of large items, such as a sofa, chair, mattresses, carpet, appliances, furniture, dismantled swing sets, bicycles, tires, etc. Please call the Public Works Department to scheduled a bulk up. Bulk trash is collected on Friday of each week.  Pickups must be scheduled by 3:30 pm on Thursday of each week. Please place bulk items out at the curb, no later than 8:00 am for pickup. Bulk trash is scheduled and collected in the order that requests are received. 
The City WILL NOT pick up the following items due to policies, ordinances and bans: building materials of any type, batteries, automotive parts, and loose, bagged, boxed, or containerized trash. Do not mix other waste in the same pile as your bulky items such as limbs, yard waste, or recyclables.  Any items that are not out when the truck passes, will not be collected until the following Friday. Any waste generated by a contractor must be removed and disposed by the contractor or paid person.  The City of Elizabeth City does not provide pickup of refuse for commercial and group housing developments. Service is available from local commercial and building waste services.
The Sanitation division provides limb collection services on a weekly basis to residential customers within city limits. To ensure pickup, our customers must adhere to the following guidelines. Limbs must be less than four inches in diameter and less than eight feet in length and stacked neatly at the edge of your yard. Please DO NOT place limbs within your 95-gallon trash container or mix other yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves in with your placed limbs. Tree stumps and limbs larger than the above size will not be picked up. Commercial tree trimming companies or yard care operations are responsible for hauling limbs and yard waste to the landfill and must immediately remove all debris and clean the area on the same day as performing the work.
Yard waste is anything from grass, shrub clippings, to leaves around your yard. State law prohibits yard waste from going into the landfill. Therefore, all yard waste is collected separately and taken to the County facility for reuse. Yard waste is collected at curbside on a weekly basis. This service is subject to weather delays as wet yard waste cannot be picked up. Leaves and other yard waste contained in plastic bags WILL NOT be collected.
Street Sweeping
The street sweeper sweeps all city owned streets annually when weather and equipment permits. The city currently only has the capacity to provide services at this frequency. We thank our citizens for their patience as we service every area within the city. To ensure your street is swept, please refrain from placing limbs, leaves or debris in the gutter line and utilize off-street parking, if available. Avoid prolonged on-street parking. The street sweeper typically sweeps all streets with curb and gutter twice a month when weather and equipment permits. 
All items for collection should be placed at the edge of the property line and at least fifteen feet (15 ft.) from any utility poles, fire hydrants, or any personal property that could be subject to damage such as vehicles, fences, mailboxes, etc. Please also refrain from placing items in the street or gutter line.  Please review the  Elizabeth City's Interactive GIS Map for weekly pickup schedules for limbs, yard waste, and household trash by calling the Public Works Department at 252-337-6628. Changes to the pickup schedule due to inclement weather or holidays will be posted on the city’s website at and on the Public Works Facebook page @ElizabethCityPublicWorks.
Pasquotank County Operations

Please note that the City is no longer offering curbside recycling services.  All residents within Pasquotank County are allowed and encouraged to utilize the local Convenience Sites located throughout the County for the disposal of excess trash, yard waste and recyclable materials. For further information, please contact Pasquotank County at  252-335-4105 or visit the Pasquotank County Solid Waste Department’s website.